Paula Izydorek

About "Art-Ass"

I have been asked many questions about my "Art-Ass" character:
• How did you discover this donkey?
• What inspired the creation of this character?
• (and more I will not go into.)
Here's the story if you are interested:
In summary like many series and artistic choices I have made over the decades, I wasn't not seeking anything at the time I discovered a haphazardly rendered Equidae which evolved into my own "Art-Ass" character.  (Except for maybe soul felt inspiration.)
Summer of 2019, my son and I were traveling on none other than Route 66.  As most know, the Mother Road only exist in remnants and in the form of a nostalgic quest for self discovery.  We left Sante Fe and were heading towards Moriarty, New Mexico to meet up with friends at a diner.  If you know me well, you know that I do not dine at diner's, but we were driving on Route 66 after all.
While enjoying surprisingly good food, I noticed the diner served as a local art gallery, well sorta.  Nothing "the art world" would consider a gallery.  I had a profound appreciation for naive artwork displayed throughout the diner because it didn't seem to seek approval or care about the avant garde.
One in particular struck me as both the worse representation of artistic ability and the most courageous of paintings; all contained in 12 x 12 inches and available for $75.
My son noticed my fascination of this piece and asked if I was going to buy it.  I said ______ no!  But I am going to appropriate it.
Thus "Art-Ass" became mine and has served a spirit guide in a time when I truly questioned my role within contemporary art markets and on social media where I literally feel like #justanotherasspostingoninstagram

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