Paula Izydorek

About "The Collection 2021"

Starting in January 2021 and continuing each month through December 2021, subscribers will receive an original artwork in the format of a “blank inside/all occasion” notecard hand painted by me. 

In my studio, I create one of a kind, hand painted notecards using mixed media on sheets of watercolor paper.   If you are familiar with my artwork, you know that I passionately paint the entire surface of my artwork and these notecards are no exception.  

The sheets are then hand cut to their 5.5 x 8.5 inches mailable size.  Each card is unique, non theme based and paired with an envelope.

The notecards are designed to be colorful on the exterior and blank inside.  Although it is my intention to provide a pristine interior, it is possible that an occasional ”result of being handmade” marking may appear.  

Each interior will include a small “signature” stamp that authenticates the hand painted notecard as part of “The Collection 2021” series.

A matching envelope is provided so you can share the notecard if so desired.  Also these distinctive notecards can easily be framed and become part of ones home or office decor.


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