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Uniquely Designed and Textile Collaged products by Paula Izydorek simply known as "arT-asSHIRT"

Each T-shirt is repurposed with various fabrics, collaged via a sewing machine and features an "art-ass" logo.

Sold individually. One of a Kind. Hand wash. Non-refundable.

• RED T-shirt with blue fabric collage featuring letters and "art-ass" logo; high contrast patterned stitching and bonus pocket.
size: SM (slim)

• Sleeveless GREEN T-shirt with blue and red fabric collage with "art-ass" logo; shout to Cleveland.
size: Sm/XS

• Sleeveless golden YELLOW T-shirt with dark gray and black fabric collage with "art-ass" logo featuring a tiger's face.
size: M

• WHITE T-shirt with faded red fabric collage featuring letters and black with gold "art-ass" brand logo.
size: XL

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