Paula Izydorek
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"INGRAINED" art catalogue features selected paintings from 2014 to 2016; a period when Paula Izydorek was known for pairing acrylic ink with birch wood. Her work employed complex intertwining linear systems and geometric forms that interplay with the woods surface. Unlike the typical wood grain based abstractions, Izydorek’s compositions show diversity and tell unexpected stories by revealing identifiable forms intersecting with raw underlying emotions in a vibrant setting.

8 x 10 in.
• heavy weight cardstock cover
• high gloss coated paper
• professionally bound and printed
• 27 pages featuring: 19 paintings and 8 full page details

A must have for your library of art books and exhibition catalogues.

“Through painting I examine and attempt to resolve personal yet universal conflicts; such as the subconscious yearning for self worth, and during my process based narrative, I collaborate with the naturally occurring wood grain.” Paula Izydorek

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